Apple’s rumoured 16-inch MacBook Pro


Dave Lee had an interesting take on why Apple is rumoured to be releasing a 16-inch laptop: they’re in the United States and still inexplicably use imperial measurements like the inch and furlong. But the other reason: they’ve painted themselves into a thermal corner with the current MacBook Pro hardware design.

Play 16” MacBook Pro - Apple’s Last Chance

There’s precedent for this idea. Apple came out and said as much about their Mac Pro, and for similar reasons Dave discusses. Apple’s current laptops were designed with a strict thermal ceiling that looked reasonable with Intel and AMDs road maps a few years ago, like the Mac Pro and its dual GPUs. But the latest high-end crop will use far more power.

I’ll almost certainly be wrong about this, but I don’t think beefing up a laptop to let it dissipate more heat sounds like Apple. They’d rather sacrifice performance to achieve the best battery life, weight, and thinness. Whether you and I think that’s a good idea is another story.

I can’t remember where I read the factoid that Apple sells more laptops used as desktop replacements than iMacs and Mac Pros combined. By which I mean laptops that spent their lives plugged into to a desk and external display. From that vantage point, a beefy MacBook Pro with awesome performance would be a boon.

I’d give up a performance boost for a usable keyboard, mind. I’ve been using this 13" work MacBook Pro for a few months and I’m seriously contemplating carrying an external keyboard around to overcome the dull throbbing in my knuckles and finger joints. The butterfly key mechanism isn’t as much a bad keyboard as it is user hostile. Even my GPD Pocket feels better.

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