Apple New York event wish list


Apple have their event tomorrow in New York. This is my personal wish list, which must not be construed as what Apple should do, just what I’d love for them to. Though I’m willing to take a consulting role at the company if they so desire.

A new Mac Mini
I use an iMac now, but I’d swap it in a heartbeat for a Mac Mini and a KVM for my FreeBSD/Ubuntu game desktop to make things cleaner on my desk. I reckon the chances are fair. Result: success! And interesting they’ve embraced how people are using these little boxes rather than just a “bring your own keyboard, display, and mouse.

Mac Pro update
Even just something saying they’re working on it, or they take professional users seriously. I reckon the chances are slim. Result: Nah.

Newer MacBook Pros
Specifically ones that address feedback from the latest generation, such as eschewing (gesundheit) touch bars, including proper keyboards and more ports, and maybe a nice metallic blue finish for fun. I reckon the chances for all of these are equally and intestinally small. That was supposed to be infintestimally small, but I love that autocorrect. Result: Nah.

Reaffirming the Mac’s existance
Newer anything on the desktop or notebook front would be reassuring, given how it seems Apple has lost interest in the market segment for non-iOS devices. Result: Mostly relieved.

If they do update the MacBook Air, I’ll be interested to see how they’re positioned. The 12” MacBook has been their de facto replacement, but I suppose it couldn’t hit the lower price point. Result: I guess they’re not a replacement after all. Pity about the keyboard.

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