Apple I With Aftermarket Wooden Case!


Apple I

I've always wanted an Apple I: no Apple ]['s or Macintosh Classics for me, I want the real deal! Too bad this auction was 3 years ago now, this Apple I even comes in an original aftermarket wooden case:

The VCF is proud to be presenting an original Apple-1 computer up for auction from Friday, February 21 through Sunday, February 23, 2003.

This computer is complete, in its original after-market wooden enclosure, featuring a keyboard and power supply integrated into one unit. The lot features:

  • “Apple Computer 1″ Motherboard
  • Cassette Interface Board
  • Original (after-market) wooden enclosure
  • Original Datanetics keyboard (integrated into wooden enclosure)
  • Original power supply (integrated into wooden enclosure)

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