I made the deliberate decision many years ago to turn off blog comments, and to publish an email address instead. I figured it introduced a suffiently-high barrier to entry for drive-by trolls and spammers, and let me share the best comments for everyone in dedicated posts. If you’ve taken the time to email me, I want people to see in the RSS feed, and inline on the blog.

Since a few Hacker News and podcast mentions I’ve been inundanted with great comments. Well, inundated by my standards; I’m sure even someone with a modicum of fame or noteriety would scoff at this introvert’s woes.

My style is to publish comments over a period of time so I can leave meaningful responses, though I appreciate now that from the outside this looks like radio silence in the interim.

So my apologies if you’ve emailed over the last few weeks and either haven’t had a response, or I haven’t published your comment yet. I mean this in the most sincere way possible: they’ve all meant a lot.