Poor AOL just can't catch a break. I attribute it to the fact they changed their logo when their old one was infinitely more cool… and for some other reasons.

This post could have had a better title

Yesterday I gave some business advice to HP, so I figured today I'd help out AOL in light of their disastrous quarter. See, people used to love AOL because they gave away free floppy disks they could wipe and use for other things. CDs can't be used like that, so why not resume the 30 day trial scheme, but use CD-RWs?

Jokes aside, AOL succeed because they provided easy access to the internet for millions of people, but squandered it by not making a push into broadband and open networks. Those ships have left now, so I'm not sure where they go from here. For or the sake of their remaining employees though, I hope they pick up their game soon.

The future

I'd like to think the walled garden internet model AOL pioneered is crumbling, but it's just been reincarnated in Facebook.

Oh yeah, and they need to change their logo back. Just saying.

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