ABMSo I was catching up on some missed Overnightscape episodes when I heard Frank talking about his upcoming Anything but Monday Show with Mad Mike. Visiting the Overnightscape site, I saw the link to ABM so I thought I'd give it a look-see.

In all honesty, I heard some of the Overnightscape shows with Mad Mike last year and really did not like them that much; I guess my sense of humour is somewhat different. Perhaps being an Aussie I just tend to appreciate British comedy more. But I digress. I listened to the "free sample" they have available and think it's a bit better. I've signed up to the ABM website forum.

Currently though there's a purchasing power parity problem. I'm living in Malaysia and the asking price of RM27.90 per month (US$7.99) is very steep, though I'm sure when I move back to Singapore and can pay SG$12.26 a month it will be a bit easier. I want to listen to some more episodes first though.

All that said though, I really like their website: Frank and Matt have outdone themselves again. The scary thing though is it bears a striking resemblence to the new Rubenerd Show site and blogging engine I'm designing myself in Ruby on Rails to replace WordPress for a university project… just replace the orange and red with blue and green with a downtown shot of the Singapore CBD at night. 209 anyone?