Another Week, Another Delay


Rubenerd Show

Hello everyone. Just wanted to apologise for another week without regular programming on the Rubenerd Show. A spate of technical problems regarding our internet connection and the stress of having my mum starting chemotherapy again have been wrecking havoc as you can imagine.

I love doing the Rubenerd Show, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that doing them can be at times unreliable. I went for months this year without a hitch, so three interruptions in a month is unacceptable. I'm weighing up now therefore to record the shows a few days in advance starting next week and use WordPress's ability to release posts with a time delay, so any unplanned events will not affect the show. The beauty of New Time Radio is that if there is an important event I can change a future show on short notice.

In the meantime you're more than welcome to check out the Rubenerd Blog, the previous episodes of the Rubenerd Show or even check out some of my high school friends' websites (Boyd Anderson and Kevin Keirle) for something new.

Thanks everyone for your support, you all rock.


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