Another (site) bites the dust


I was hit with another shut down notice for a particular website I use semi-frequrntly. Wow that’s a great typo, I’m leaving it there. I was about to write a post about it, before remembering what I wrote four years ago about the late FriendFeed:

I used to be cynical about the routine shutting down of social networks that we all contribute to, but I’ve since realised it’s just how the web works. Don’t become too attached to (or reliant upon) a website or service, it won’t be around forever.

It’s just another branch withering and falling off the Internet tree; inevitable, but perhaps still a little worrying. Or as Peter Cook and Dudley Moore said in the coda of their send-off song:

We leave this mortal coil upon which we strut and fret our weary ways, as Shakespeare put it. God bless him. What a delightfully odd man Shakespeare was. Bald but sexy.

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