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In recent months my weblog here has turned into a place where my distant relatives go to check up on how my mum's treatment is going. If you're not in my family this sort of news is probably really boring and quite pointless, so in the next version of this site I'm working on in Ruby on Rails there's a separate section for family matters. In the meantime, I hope you can bear with me.

Just came back from Gleneagles with my mum. After missing last weeks chemotherapy session because she was feeling really sick, Dr Tan has decided to halt the current regime and opt for surgery on her liver to see whether the tumours have changed and require different drugs. She also has large amounts of water in both of her lungs which needs to be taken out surgically as well so she can breathe properly again.

She's extremely distraught, she'll have to be admitted tomorrow morning and will stay there for a week at the very least, but probably for longer. I'm really worried that she's not eating or drinking enough which may be amplifying the effects.

I've applied for temporary emergency leave from my studies. She's made it clear she doesn't want me at the hospital the whole time this week, but I'm going to insist on visiting her a few times a day until she gets out. The advantage is, she's had so much surgery at the hospital here they have all her details on file and know us by heart already, so should make tomorrow morning a bit easier.

If you're part of the family and want me to pass on message you can email me at [removed 2012]. If possible use capital letters in the subject heading or set the priority to high, I get bucket loads of messages and I may miss them.


If you're reading this Elizabeth/Liz/Bird/ Friday is still on though, It'll be a much needed distraction. And if you're reading this Hotaru-senpai, ごめんγͺさい, I'll have to take a rain check ;_;.

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