After a few days of cold symptoms, my GP bestowed me with the knowledge that I have a nasal and sinus infection "with complications". It sounds more like a Facebook status than a medical condition; a double blow given how much I loathe that social network.

The pressure behind my sinuses is really painful (it feels like I'm continuously snorting fizzy soft drink), but the biggest challenge has been keeping warm. Dozens of blankets, layers of clothes, heaters blasting on full, scalding showers and more hot drinks you could throw a teabag at have rendered me shivering jelly, as opposed to frost–bitten rigor mortis.

I've probably burned more electricity over the last 72 hours than the previous six months combined, and that's saying something for someone who ran a 2006 Mac Pro until a few months ago.

Which got me thinking how lucky I am that I can be so reckless. I'm priced out of the Sydney housing market to buy, but I can afford to rent a roof over my head. I have a job that lets me telecommute, and the disposable income to temporarily raise the temperature of a building by 900 degrees.

And I'm still not as thankful as I should be.

(I last posted about having a cold in 2006. I'll bet you're just as eager to read that one, as well)!