Free Australian healthcare and inverted ankle fun


This post originally appeared on the Annexe, when it was hosted on Fargo.

Busted ankles are a pain in the… foot? Three weeks ago today, I stepped onto a utility cover, which promptly broke and caused my ankle to invert. An hour later, with my foot the size (and purple/red colour) of a beach ball, I attempted to move it just slightly to fit into the taxi that would take me to the hospital. All the pain I’d ever felt in my entire 20-something years on this planet concentrated itself on my foot for those few seconds. I didn’t think I could scream that loudly.

But I had a point to this post besides self-absorbed pity! Which I’ve subsequently forgotten. Something about how its impossible to sleep, because the bruising and torn ligaments are on all sides of my foot, so it’s impossible to position it in bed without feeling sharp pain. Fun times.

Now I remember. I have a beautiful, caring girlfriend who brings me food and encouragement, and a computer I can use to still be a part of the world, as I sit here with my foot in an ungainly cam boot propped up on cushions. The Australian Medicare system allowed me to see a specialist, get an x-ray and be given crutches and a boot without paying a cent. For someone in so much pain, I’m under no illusions that I’m not a lucky guy.

Sometimes, I just need to remind myself.

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