Fake No Agenda: Boeing warns of 787 engine icing risk


This originally appeared on the Annexe, in a parody post series about the podcast. Art is by zy2386262 on Pixiv.

Fake No Agenda, art by Enoshima Junko from Pixiv as seen in first FakeNoAgenda post

As if we haven’t heard enough about failing Boeing 787s with exploding batteries, we have this news:

(Reuters) - Boeing advised airlines on Friday about a risk of engine icing problems on its new 747-8 and 787 Dreamliner planes with engines made by General Electric, urging 15 carriers to avoid flying them near high-level thunderstorms.

Obviously a ploy by climate alarmists to prove climate change is affecting weather.

Airbus operatives also continue to undermine the 787, to advance sales of their composite-constructed A350. I think Fokker are involved too, because of Dutch socialism.

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