#Anime Where is Miura Akane-chan?


Saturday 13th March 2010: [Anime] A new K-On character with a… tuba!?

It's been more than a year since we were told about her… is she ever going to appear?

Akane who?

For those who don't remember who haven't been subscribed to my blog for very long [you're a wise person] back in March 2010 K-On! fans were treated to a series of character profile images depicting a new character in the form of Miura Akane.

I posted them on Rubenerd.com at the time, and commented that a tuba player in the Light Music Club playing a tuba was simply too awesome for words. A number of you left comments echoing my sentiment!

As I said at the time, not only would the idea of having an adorable moeblob character playing an instrument that's almost as large as she is would be highly entertaining to watch, it's such an unconventionally bizarre and wonderful instrument to have in a pop music group! As I've been saying since I got into jazz and swing in my late years of primary school:

Everything sounds better with brass!

It's true. Prove me otherwise. I dare you.

So we return to the present. Wait, how does one return to the present, if we were talking about the past? I'd make a lousy time traveler, I'd barely be able to form sentenced discussing where I was, let alone operate the devices used to transport me. But I digress.

Where is Akane Miura? Whatever happened to her? Has she appeared in the manga yet? Apparently, I haven't been the only one thinking about this… leave it to the demotivational poster folk to come up with this ;).

I wonder if she'll appear in the movie? Miura Akane doesn't seem like a very British name!

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