Side view of the Dragon Ball Z shoe mentioned below

Want some Adidas Dragon Ball Z shoes? Matt Schley, with excellent spelling in his last name, wrote this in Otaku USA Magazine:

Are your current sneakers not as, uh, baller as you’d like? Maybe these Adidas Originals are just the thing. The shoe maker has just unveiled the packaging, pricing and release date for the first two pairs in its planned line of Dragon Ball Z-inspired kicks: Goku adidas ZX 500 RM and Frieza Yung 1.

It reminds me of those ads Clara and I saw everywhere in Osaka last year for the New Balance Evangelion shoes. Come to think of it, what did they look like?

Evangelion shoes!

Update: Matt Schley covered them as well! I agree with him their resemblence to the Evangelion franchise is all but incidental, but what gorgeous colours.