#Anime Code Geass R3 Zero Requiem?


Lelouch with his dog. That didn't sound right.

I was looking for something else entirely but came across two images from Code Geass that I'd never seen before. Looking at the fine print it references R3 Zero Requiem which I'm assuming is an OVA of some description. When I first learned all my anime terminology around 2005 I first thought OVA meant the show was… over! True story.

And to think I haven't even finished watching the R2 series yet! Or K-On! Or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei! Not to mention Saki which I let languish. And I finished Bakemonogatari but I haven't blogged about it! Ditto for Omamori Himari! I'm a terrible person.

Pictures show things

I like cats, but having grown up with pet dogs my entire life I loved the above one, it's a completely believable scene: I'm exactly that way with our little dogs here :). "Who's that doggie? Who's that doggie? You want a treat? Who's that nice doggie?"

As for the image below, it just further illustrates the implausibility of the women's Ashford Academy uniform; either that or C.C. put her skirt in the dryer and it shrunk. Yeah, that must be it. I suppose outfits on these shows aren't supposed to make sense, much like my discussions of said things on my blog here. Did I mention I dropped a heavy duty stapler on my head today?

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