#Anime New Senjougharaness background!


New Bakemonogatari background

Because another episode of Bakemonogatari is out, it means a new vector desktop background of Her Senjougharaness! Here's hoping her lack of appearances in episode 09 and episode 10 are rectified next week!

Honestly, she is one of the most compelling characters I've ever seen in an anime series and one of the first truly weird and unconventional people since Haruhi before her disastrous second season. Maybe it's because I love office supply shops ^_^. I see your stapler Hitagi, and I counter with… my stack of multicoloured post it notes! Haiya!

I'd also say that I like her character because she has purple hair and purple is my favourite colour, but that might give people the wrong idea at a time when I'm mistaken for someone I'm not far too often enough as it is. My sister clearly doesn't have that problem! Ruben-ko? Wait, Suruga would be interested in me then not Hitagi, whoops!

I had a point somewhere in this post, but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, new desktop background. As Marvin Martian would say, Earth shattering kaboom stuff!

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