Anime motorbikes and scooters


Speaking of retrospectives on posts from exactly a decade ago, back in 2009 I shared this fanart of K-On! character Akiyama Mio riding a motorbike. All I could find of the original artist was a link from Zerochan to their Pixiv page, which is no longer active.

It got me thinking which other characters I knew that rode bikes or scooters. In light of the recent Kyoani tragedy I feel it’s incumbent upon me to point out my another personal favourite from a series they animated: Fujibayashi Kyou from the 2007 anime adaptation of Clannad. Here was a key visual that showed their penchant for gorgeous landscapes:

Fast forward a decade, and we had Shima Rin from Yurucamp last year, another slice-of-life series I thoroughly enjoyed.

But I’d still say the winner is Gintama! One day I’ll finish all nine million episodes, I promise.

(Damn it, I just remembered FLCL as well).

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