#Anime What are they looking at?


Just spent just over nine hours straight without breaks programming; suffice to say my eyes are protesting but I got the job done! To celebrate, I thought I'd publish a post that's been sitting in my drafts folder for far too long just waiting for an opportunity such as this.

My question I pose to you is this: What are all those girls looking at? Do you have any ideas? They all look interested in whatever (or whoever) it is. Makoto almost looks bemused and Ami is so shocked she's twisted her leg into what looks like a very uncomfortable position. My theory is Tuxedo Mask probably genetically engineered a rose or something. If we were to take it more literally, if you're reading this in a blog aggregator they're probably staring in disbelief at your unread post count!

I'm glad there's someone out there on the Internet asking the tough questions. We can't trust newspaper journalists to do that any more.

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