#Anime Kallen Stadtfeld‎ has a cute cupcake


Kallen eating a cupcake on my desktop

While it wasn't my favourite anime series in and of itself, Kallen Stadtfeld‎ from Code Geass and Code Geass R2 is one of my favourite characters of all time. Perhaps it's the whole double personality thing or the fact she could be a super duper underground figure while still being a sweet person. ^^;

Perhaps now the Konachan folks have their hosting problems down pat they've been paying attention to The Monnie's Cupcake Camp here in Adelaide (perhaps they have operatives tapping her phones), because their latest Code Geass desktop background wallpaper is this pretty colourful one of Kallen with a cupcake. It's adorable ^_^.

Better still it's 1920×1200 so I can scale it for my little ThinkPad X40 or use it full size on my MacBook Pro's external 24 inch Samsung display at full resolution which is sweet. Get it? Cupcake? Sweet? Hey, I thought it was funny. I'm so stressed about exams I'm starting to say even sillier things it seems.

On my old anime blog I had an A Team page and Kallen was the executive in charge of my blog's covert operations. Darn the more I think about that site the more I miss it. It was awesome in a very lame fanboy way :)

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