Anime I hate, love, find overrated, etc


Via @BADCATBAD_ on Twitter:

  • Anime I hate: None really, at best I’m indifferent. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, one of the first series I ever watched, had an infuriating ending though!

  • Anime I think is overrated: None really, see above. That said, I thought I’d enjoy One Piece more given how popular it is. I found Fairy Tail way more fun. I’d better not let my friend circle know.

  • Anime I think is underrated: SKET Dance. It’s one of the all time greats, but will always live under Gintama’s albeit fabulous shadow.

  • Anime I love: Suzumiya Haruhi. It was my favourite till recently, perhaps at least in part due to nostalgia and the impact it had on me in the mid-2000s.

  • Anime I secretly love: Clannad, perhaps not so secretly. Air was a bit much though.

  • Favorite anime of all time: Barakamon, didn’t even need to think twice. Everything else about why I love it aside, it’s about a gentleman rekindling joy for his craft in beautiful new surroundings having living under pressure, which I can appreciate right now.

Under pressure, dun-dun-dun da-da dun-dun. ♫

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