The Haruhi movie poster

While we're on the subject of Haruhi, I can't wait to see the movie with English subtitles when it becomes available! From the poster though I have a couple of observation questions, or questionable observations. Wait, that first one was phrased better.

  1. Was Haruhi a zettai ryouiki goddess before? I forget.
  2. Since when did Mikuru wear Yui-ness?
  3. Since when does Kyon smile?

KyoAni had some ridiculously high expectations to meet when they released the second season of the blockbuster anime that was so friggen huge in 2006, and not only did they completely miss the target they started digging into a black hole void where no light or energy could escape or be released. Well to tell the truth I didn't think the Endless Eight was as bad as the press and blogging community made it out to be, but it was a missed opportunity. Here's hoping the movie delivers.