#Anime Some philosophical cosplay quandries!


For your consideration ^_^. If Tarale happens to come across this, she may want to avoid it because it contains a random list of confusing, disparate thoughts again!

That is the question!

If an anime character dresses up as another anime character, say for example Hiiragi Kagami from Lucky Star dressing up as Tohsaka Rin from the Fate/Stay Night series, is it still called cosplay?

Before you answer, consider this! If we've learned anything from Lucky Star and the adventures of Suzumiya Haruhi, it's that other anime and manga are viewed as fiction within other shows. What that means is Haruhi is able to point at the SHUFFLE manga and talk about it as if it were a book, and Izumi KanataKonata is able to collect anime figures. What I mean is these characters aren't seen as real within other shows, because the universes don't collide.

You’re losing them

Still, even if an anime character dresses up as another anime character, is that character cosplaying or is that reserved only for people like me who are blond caucasians but dress up as Japanese people much to the second hand embarrassment of others?

Is cosplaying limited to the real world? What if an anime character dresses up as a character from the same anime, is that called cosplaying? Or is the fact the two characters are from the same universe mean they'd just be dressing up as each other because they don't see themselves as an anime?

Computers don't like anime, according to the spell checker I've made 25 spelling mistakes in this post. I think I might quit while I'm ahead and while I still understand my own point I was trying to make. Wait, I was making a point? I'm really confused. Never mind.

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