#Anime for August: Bakemonogatari



Given I have so much to do I typically don't watch more than one new series a month, which means I often wait until a show is in syndication and just buy the DVDs. I do the same with super fabulous television shows such as this.

I've been told by enough people that Bakemonogatari is an awesome enough series (and a few reviews telling me it's just terrible) for it to warrant my attention. Apparently it's a romantic supernatural comedic zettai ryouiki vampire story… and from the looks of the stunningly awesome press graphics the protagonist has some sort of obsession with stationary. It's a Shaft production (you can tell just by looking at the design) which means the chances of me liking it are automagically higher than average. I like the sound of it so far!

Anyone see any of the aired episodes yet? I would ask if any of you had seen the un-aired episodes yet, but that'd be counter-intuitive and ultimately a fruitless waste of time. Unless you're some sort of vampire.

Take that Twilight!

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