#Anime Otakus beating economic downturn?


Well there you go, apparently I'm an otaku! Can you pick what it is? In other news, Kyon wants us to stop all this nonsense!

It seems with all the economic problems facing the developed world nowhere has had such spectacularly slow growth as Japan in the last decade or so. Neoshinka quotes a FinanceAsia article that suggests people obsessed with Japanese pop culture buck the trend, even if they don't have much money:

“Forget the usual business jargon about the four Ps (positioning, price, etc). Here it’s about the three Cs, namely community, collection and creativity. Despite all the economic bad news, shops are still opening in Akihabara and people are still spending, even if they are not very well off,” says Fong.

I guess even when the going gets tough we all have our own escapes. In this regard I probably spend more money on good coffee than anything else.

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