Now it violates the GPL? Where does this stop?


So we all know Android isn't as open as claimed, but could it even be in violation of the GPL? Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents sides with the SFC and the SFLC and thinks it is; I defer to his expertise.

I'm continuously baffled by just how readily so many F/OSS advocates line up to defend Android, even as Google develops it in a cathedral, flips on their definition of open, closes the code to all but select hardware partners, the sues Microsoft for disclosure of this open code. To me, an OS being misrepresented as free and/or open source is far more damaging to the F/OSS community cause than one that isn't.

If Apple used GPL code in the iOS kernel then did this, it'd cause more than a few heart attacks. As I asked back in the days of Antennagate, why the double standard?

In any event, Google owes the F/OSS community an apology and some action. They're a good company and I'm confident they can correct these problems, if they want to.

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