And now Sydney is frigidly cold?


Sydney endured its hottest January on record last month. Other parts of Australia would understandably feel no sympathy, given they had it far worse. Adelaide, my favourite Australian city and the place I studied for a couple of years, hit 50 degrees. For my American friends, that’s 122 Fahrenheit.

I’ll concede one point in the SI versus Imperial debate: 122 sounds far more impressive. Not as much as setting your railways on fire to prevent damage during one of your worst blizzards of all time, but still.

Early February continued this trend, leading many of us to quote Homer Simpson in his darkest hour with “Marge, can you set the oven the cold?” It didn’t help that our office had a non-mechanical air conditioning issue around the same time, because of course it would!

And then this week happened. We cross live to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon team reporting from Chatswood:

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