American healthcare debate in one tweet


I know we're all bored to tears with American healthcare reform analysis, but someone against the bill tweeted me this afternoon with a message I think summaries the debate pretty damn well.

@Rubenerd: Question is do you think that people should have a right to that which they do not earn?

Do you think people "earned" cancer and subsequent medical-related bankruptcies? Do you think human dignity, love and compassion are financially negotiable?

Phrasing healthcare as something that has to be "earned" sure doesn't sound like freedom to me. What about the freedom to be with your loved ones? The freedom to live without pain and suffering? The freedom to not live in fear?

Then again I suppose I'm one of those "super evil socialists" the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck warn you all about with blackboards and books they didn't write.

Pardon the French…

My family was damned fucking lucky to have excellent medical insurance to pay for my mum's 12 years of cancer treatment. If we couldn't afford it and we lived in the US, she would have died half of my lifetime ago, and I probably wouldn't remember her. That'd be okay though, because that means taxes are a bit lower.

If you'll excuse me, I've got a lump in my throat for some reason.

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