Don’t think ambidextrousness is a word


Screenshot from a DeviantArt poll

Looking over at DeviantArt this evening I noticed their latest poll deals with ambidextrousness; given the site hosts drawings amongst other media it's been interesting to see the results. More importantly, is ambidextrousness a word?

I don't quite understand it myself, but as long as I can remember I've been right handed for writing and left handed for almost everything else. To talk as if I were Spock or Tuvok for a second, logic would dictate the hand with which I write would be the stronger and nimbler of my two hands so therefore I would favour using it for most tasks. When I swing golf clubs, open tin cans, assemble IKEA furniture and grill cheese sandwiches and whatnot though, I tend to find my left hand stronger, more stable and easier to control. If I were to write with my left hand though, the resulting scrawl would be even less legible than my current messy writing I create with my right hand.

Are you right handed or left handed… or more of one or the other but still some of one? Is ambidextrousness a word? I seem to have asked one of those questions before somewhere.

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