Amazon, please check where your customers are


Merry and the gang at Karaoke!

Speaking of emails, I got this message from Amazon this morning. I’m emphatically pointing out that emphasis was added by me, for emphasis.

Dear Ruben Schade,

We thought you’d like to know that eligible songs from 2 CDs you have purchased from Amazon are being added to your Cloud Player library. [..] In addition, we’re excited to announce AutoRip. Now when you buy any CD with the AutoRip logo, the MP3 version of that album will instantly be delivered to your Amazon Cloud Player library for FREE.

AutoRip is available to U.S. customers only.

Amazon, can I have a quick word with you? You seem very nice. I like your site. As you’ve said here, you’ve posted me music to my address in Australia. You’ve billed my Australia debit card, and a Singapore card before that.

So why, my friend, are you telling me about a US-only service?

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