AI companies spamming abuse email addresses


I work for a cloud infrastructure provider, and host sites for friends and non-profits. I investigate each and every report sent to our abuse lines; not just out of professional duty, but because I don’t want our IP ranges or hostnames to be listed in spam databases.

A spate of new AI security companies are making this more difficult. I receive dozens of emails a week claiming to have found fraudulent material, such as phishing sites. I spend time checking each one, and they’re always benign.

That’s a false-positive rate of 100%!

Here are some other things that happen 100% of the time:

  • I mention something pointless on a blog post
  • I take a breath at least once a day

These range from trivial or critical. I’d consider the behaviour of these services somewhere in the realm of counterproductive. Worse than being additional, annoying work I didn’t ask for, notification fatigue reduces the effectiveness of other alerts that we do need to pay attention to. They’re a net negative to security.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Ruben, I don’t receive these notices, or Ruben, I get them sometimes, and they’re legitimate. That’s great, I hope it continues being so for you! Because they’ve been nothing but a monumental waste of my time.

This is another example of how AI companies externalise their costs. If you didn’t take economics at uni, these sites explain the concept:

International Monetary Fund

For now, I have to live with it. I’m not going to put a blanket ban on security notices coming from domains ending in ai, because that would still be irresponsible. But they’ll have to start proving their worth pretty soon.

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