After the jump


This is my current summary of the web:

The latest design is the simplest I could make it, partly in protest of what the modern web has become. There’s no JavaScript, downloading fonts, embeds, hamburger icons, looping background videos, popups, newsletter signup prompts, sticky navbars, autoplaying videos, iframes, or design sense. Wait, I needed that last one, whoops.

But credit where credit’s due, the web has made a bit of progress since the mid-2000s by phasing out a particularly pernicious phrase. Here’s Drew McLellan way back in 2005:

An alarming trend is spreading across the web and infecting content like a virus. Yes people, I’m talking about The Jump, and more specifically, its cursed accompanying phase More after the jump. Just. Stop. It.

And speaking of things that no longer exist, I picked a random post of my own from 2005, and it was about Technorati.

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