After @Giz_au says I look stupid, they delete my comment


When Gizmodo Australia said I looked stupid

Just so I understand what’s going on: Gizmodo Australia writes an article asking how stupid people are willing to look for Apple, and uses a photo of me wearing an iPod nano watch to illustrate it. I leave a comment, and it gets deleted.

You can read the original in full on my post from earlier this week. In short, I calmly defended the reasons why I use an iPod nano watch, criticised their inflammatory headlines, and made a subtle dig at their US counterparts. Certainly nothing as rude, trollish or condescending as what Sam Biddle wrote in the original article, though apparently enough to warrant deletion.

I’m not looking for an apology, Gizmodo Australia have every right to delete my comment. It could have even been a technical or editorial mistake, or perhaps I was downvoted by the same users who have left far more inflammatory and rude comments than what I did.

Either way, stay classy Gizmodo Australia. I usually have a sense of humour about things like this, but this just wasn’t cool.

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