Africans are genetically inferior? Codswhallop!


Angélique Kidjo

Angélique Kidjo, in my opinion one of the most talented vocalists today.

I admit I only just read today on Truemors about how James Watson, a Nobel prize winner for his work on DNA research, blames Africa's economic, health and political woes on their "generic inferiority", but after some brief further research it already seems to be a hot issue across the internet and even on the local news here in Singapore.

There's probably nothing much else that I could type here that hasn't already been said somewhere else online about now, but even if you were to ignore the blatant racism and just focus on the economic side of it, it makes a mind boggling lack of sense.

As I posted on Truemors, from the dozen or so African people I know personally and seeing what is coming out of Africa, it seems to me they’re some of the most creative, resourceful, warm and artistic people on the planet. We should all be as "genetically inferior" as Dr Watson said.

Africa's long term economic problems have as much to do with the genetic makeup of her people than Ruben has to do with girls in general (self depreciating humour). To even entertain the notion that somehow Europe's meddling and resulting international borders which divide countries along colonial borders not on cultural or historical lines have nothing to do with it, or the corrupt governments have nothing to do with it, it's just their genetics… it boggles the mind.

Then again Denial isn’t the only river in Egypt is it?

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