Last week I was trying to find the Adwaita GTK theme for my FreeBSD tower. I used to love tinkering with themes, but thesedays I just want one that looks decent across multiple toolkits, and Adwaita fits the bill.

(Curiously, Xfce’s Appearance pane used to list it as an option, but not as of FreeBSD 12.x. I used to like Bluebird back in the day, but I find Greybird a bit dreary and low contrast).

Finding it in the ports system proved trickier than I expected. If you search for Adwaita you get the iconset and Qt theme, but not the GTK2/3 themes. Fortunately Oliverd@ had this suggestion on his Xfce FAQ:

How can unified themes be used with GTK3 and GTK2?

Install x11-themes/gnome-themes-standard, and change the value of /Net/ThemeName property

This is now gnome-themes-extra instead. Install that, and Adwaita appears as a GTK theme option.