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Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

An email I got just a few minutes ago:

Hi there,

My name is Peter and I’m interested in advertising with your site. We’re No 1 Commercial Software Reseller in US and having most competitive price on our website. It would be great if you link to our website, giving your visitors a better choice to buy wide range of products at a competitive price. If you are interested, we can discuss about the fee.

I would like to place a banner advert in home page or link buried in relevant content to your site. […] Feel free to contact us for any other advertising methods available on your site.

Peter Mavis
Marketing Executive

Uh, thanks but no thanks. I also doubt you're a number one US commercial software reseller given your email has more fractured English than even my own blog posts that I write with haste here and never seem to proof read before publishing. Grilled cheese sandwich.

Advertising on another blog? Just what the world needs! By the way, how great is AdBlock Plus?

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