Adventures With Courier Services


So I put an electronic item on eBay recently, and I wanted to send it to someone in Sydney NSW. Due to me residing in Adelaide SA I wanted to courier it instead of posting it seeing as it was fragile, but could I get a straight answer from anyone? Let's recap.

First Candidate: DHL Australia

DHL is pretty well known, and reputable, so I thought I'd give them a shot. After jumping through several hoops to actually talk to a real person, a recorded voice chimed that I should call back during their office hours of 9am to 5pm. It was 4:35pm. I wasn't impressed with this 'reputable' message, so I gave them the flick.

Second Candidate: Star Track Express

Star Track Express is an Aussie courier and frieght business so I thought I'd support local! I gave them a call, and after going through the usual button pushing, I was put onto a customer service personidge. He collected all the details of the package, my phone number and name, my address and what my hobbies are, then FINALLY asked what company I represented. I said I was an individual. "Sorry, this is only for business. CLICK". Thanks for wasting my time.

Third Candidate: Australia Express

So I was getting a bit agitated with all this courier stuff, so I decided to try a local business from here in Adelaide, seeing as Australia Express had a subsidery called: AdelaideExpress! I gave them a call and went through the entire debarkle again, in the end she told me to call TNT. Fantastic.

Forth Candidate: TNT Australia

From experience, apparently because I'm an individual I'm the bird flu for corporate couriers, so I asked up front if they would send my package seeing as I was an individual. "Nup". Okay then, do you know someone who will? "Um… err… well there's… no wait… um… yeah… theres… Pack n Send, I think". Okay do you know their number? "Nope". Thanks for that.

Pack and Send

There are humans on the other end of call centre phones! I could not have had such a positive experience. I should have jotted down her name so I could tell her supervisor, but she couldn't have been more helpul. I didn't need to give her every scrap of personal detail, all I needed was the weight and size of the box, and the postcode I was going to send it to. I got a confirmed cost, a confirmed address drop off (which is just down the street!). My faith in humanity is restored!

Lesson Learned:

Don't waste your time with all those other courier services who couldn't give a damn, give Pack and Send a go :).

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