I found a pile of old magnetic Adelaide Metrotickets from when I studied there in the late 2000s. Each used to come with a few words of inspiration on the back, which one of our figs got to reading rather intensely.

Clara’s and my sword girl fig with an old blue Adelaide Metroticket

These were the five that came on this specific card:

You can’t get anywhere unless you start.

Each day comes just once in a life time.

Fear is the parent of cruelty.

Timetable/Route information call the Passenger Transport InfoLine on 8210 1000. Lines open 7am-8pm daily.

Subject to Passenger Transport Act and Regulations and Conditions of Travel.

The first three were more inspirational than the latter two.

Fun story, I thought I recognised these from back in the day. Turns out, the Paris Métro also used the same system. There’s a joke about French rubber-wheeled trains and the Adelaide O-Bahn in there somewhere.