Adelaide in… Austria?


Looking for more information regarding VMware's Fusion product for Mac I came across a comment on a page on the See if you can see where the problem is.

Peter Mitchell of Adelaide, Austria uses it with iSight:

You asked to hear about the VM fusion beta. I have been using the VMWare Fusion Beta alongside Parallels Workstation and it goes well. It does some things that the Parallels program does not. It can run an iSight driver so that you Skype in Windows. (I haven’t tried MNS Messenger yet with the iSight.)

Another person mistaking Australia for Austria. I mean, I can understand how you can confuse them. Just for starters: one is huge island with vast deserts, one is is a mountainous temperate landlocked country; one is in the Pacific, one is in Europe…

Come on guys, it's not hard. As my grandfather (who lives in Australia) says: sheeeeesh!

Here's a little guide to help you remember: this is the region where you can find Australia:


And this is the region where you can Austria:


There. See? Wait a minute.

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