Acer’s antimicrobial laptop


Acer have released a svelte new set of machines that purport to have a unique hygiene feature I haven’t seen before:

Introducing the first thin and light consumer laptop with a full-featured antimicrobial solution. The BPR & EPA compliant silver-ion antimicrobial agent runs through the surface of the chassis, keyboard, hinge, and fingerprint reader; showing a consistent [3 log5 (>99.9%)4] microbial reduction rate against a broad range of bacteria under the JIS Z 2801 & ISO 22196 test protocol.

I’ve seen tech journalists claim this is a gimmick, but I think it’s genuinely intriguing and innovative. We rest our gross palms on these things for thousands of cumulative hours, so why not?

But is it plagued with the pervasive PC Screen Syndrome?

The 14-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen display […]

Once again, this is lower density than what Apple shipped a decade ago, and a lower resolution that a phone. Come on, PC makers.

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