Acela Express, then and now


Welcome to 2017! Here’s hoping it’s a better one for the world… though, selfishly, mine was pretty good.

I thought I’d start this year with a fun comparison. A few posts ago I shared a photo of the Acela Express Clara and I took from Philadelphia to Penn Station, New York. For those with short memories, or better things to remember, here it was:

Photo showing an Acela Express header train in Penn Station, New York.

Here’s the same consist in the Northeast Corridor route in the original Microsoft Train Simulator from 2001:

Screenshot showing that train in the original Microsoft Train Simulator.

And the same consist again in the new Northeast Corridor route in Train Simulator 2017, taken this morning:

Screenshow showing that train in Train Simulator 2017

I love how realistic the Philly skyline looks in this, right down to the Comcast Centre! Friggen awesome.

Unfortunately, this just makes Clara and I want to go back.

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