Accumulated holiday spam fun


It's amazing how much work, studies and other assorted whatnot accumulates when you disconnect yourself from the internets [sic].

Case in point: silly, unauthorised, supposed erection assisting or lottery winning, mismatched, bulk emails! When I returned from my family's trip to Sydney for mummy's funeral, this was the screen I was welcomed with:

Screenshot of spam! Argh!

The problem is, I used to be able to just hit the Clear button with Akismet, but lately it's been generating so many false positives I have to comb through the pages to make sure legitimate comments haven't been filtered out by accident. Of course I usually check comments every day so combing through a few dozen is no problem, but letting it accumulate like this is a real nightmare!

So just to let people know, if you've posted a comment and it hasn't been approved yet, you can understand why it might take a while.

So much spam… so little time…
So much spam… so little time…
I can't stand dry posts with just text you see!

I used to be under the impression that spambots just posted to everything they could get their hands on, but it seems they're drawn to certain articles. Some of them clearly don't make sense, especially the ones which attempt to hijack articles where I've talked about spam!

So just for interest's sake (hope Mr. Interest is okay with me using him in this example) here are a microscopic selection of posts which seem to attract the most spam messages, with the titles copied verbatim.

20 Years Old Tomorrow
kidney disease symptons, manta equador, in karaoke odessa show tx, the villege, hollins univeristy, on line poker 7stud lo… uncertain Edmonton magic Bendix.regime aeronautic …
Credit Spam!
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Review of Cranky Geeks 081
Having a good credit history is crucial for anyone desiring a credit. Your credit history is based on credit reports that are meant to provide information on the borrower’s reliability. I have good credit history and I was approved for a great credit card offer at…

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

That's one thing I guess spam will always be: entertainment delivered right to my comments pages!

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