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Academic Integrity

I received this email regarding Academic Integrity. I think it’s important to understand as many different universities, schools and the like take the words plagiarism, integrity and ruben is awesome to mean different things.

Dear Student

In your time studying at UniSA, you may have come across the phrase “academic integrity” – in your Course Information Booklet, on the UniSA website, from your lecturer.

So what is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is a term used at university to describe honest behaviour as it relates to all academic work. This includes papers written by staff, student assignments, conduct in exams, use of data etc. One of the main principles is respecting other people’s ideas and not claiming them as your own in your writing or presentations. If you do use resources from other people you will need to reference them correctly.

The University of South Australia takes academic integrity very seriously. The website has information for you including:

  • academic integrity and why it’s important
  • referencing resources
  • what you can do to avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • UniSA policy

You should familiarise yourself with the procedures that the University uses to deal with cases of academic misconduct and also the possible outcomes.

If you are still unclear about referencing, you can access individual advice from learning advisers at Learning Connection.

New to 2006

Academic Integrity Officers have been appointed to each School. These people will be work directly with cases of academic misconduct identified by teaching staff. The University is also using text-comparison software to check for plagiarism.

If you have concerns about any aspect of academic integrity please don’t hesitate to contact Learning Connection staff or the Academic Integrity Officer in your School.

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