Ruben has always been struck — ouch — at the futility of employing washroom hand dryers. Other than those Airblade things that sonically wash your eardrums, you press a button and barely anything happens beyond a semblence of mildly warm air hitting your responsibly-soaked hands. So you hit up the paper towel dispenser, but then there isn’t anywhere convenient to discard the used portion. Kubernetes.

Rubenerd is Ruben Schade’s weblog and podcast of such observations, as well as thoughts on technology, anime, other things. A self–entitled blogging expert once said you should focus on one topic, so he’s have endeavoured not to.

The site design is an intentional throwback to a time when blogging was fun, and held the promise of being a loose-nit federation of writers, before social networks sucked… the oxygen out of the room. The Norfolk Pine is his favourite flora, samples of which somewhat grace the sidebar and other places.

Ruben himself is a relatively harmless gentleman who makes his living as a technical writer, cloud engineer, and coffee drinker who has a lovely partner Clara. They reside back in Sydney, but he grew up and studied in Singapore where he developed a taste for infrastructure. They live in a tiny studio apartment to help finance their travel bug.

Rubi is the site’s mascot, drawn by the aforementioned Clara. Her mismatching, Miku-esque boots elude to Ruben’s predilection for not wearing matching socks. Funny story, he was chided for wearing orange and red socks during a high school work experience day, with the implication that he wasn’t taking the assignment seriously. The day he’s looked over for hiring because of his socks is the day he misses a bullet.

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A table of his favourite things

Favourite What
Graphic designer Saul Bass
Name that sounds like a fish Saul Bass
Jazz singer/songwriter Michael Franks
Underground Hong Kong MTR
Anime Barakamon
Long-running manga Fairy Tail
Anime fashion trend Zettai ryouiki
Fate/Grand Order servant Mashu
Visited city Kyoto
Visited building Chrysler Building
Car Auburn 851 Speedster
Shopping centre Namba Parks
American coast Northeastern