Hi, how you going? I'm Ruben Schade, and I've been writing and podcasting about my interests on Rubénerd.com since 2004. The name is a portmanteau of Ruben and nerd 13 year-old me thought clever. Schade is German, and is delightfully self-depracating.


I'm a "devops" and technical writer at a Sydney-based cloud startup. Before this, I studied at the University of Technology Sydney; that place where Woz now teaches.

Despite my passport, I grew up in Singapore which I still consider home (lah). I miss the bad sitcoms, food, clean and reliable public transport, phone reception, unmetered internet, and that 24 hour buzz one feels in an Asian Tiger city. There's really nothing else like it.

VMs aside, I have far too many hobbies and interests. If I could have a superpower, it'd be to have many superpowers; the first of which I'd use to give me more hours in the day for all this stuff.

My partner in crime and life is Clara Tse, who took the photo above at the Sydney Anime and Manga Show. ♡

How to contact me

I can be reached at weblog2016@rubenschade.com. This rotates each year to cull spam. I get a lot of mail, so please don't take it personally if a quick response is not forthcoming.

I'm also: