A week of posts at once


Last night, South Australia lost its entire energy grid.

In case you skimmed that, an Australian state larger in geographic size than Texas, lost its entire energy grid. Wild weather is being blamed for toppling key pieces of infrastructure, though the regular chorus of “coal is good for humanity” folks took it upon themselves to proclaim the issue was a reliance on renewable power. If only Mike and I were still doing Fake No Agenda

Anyway, I figured if an entire Australian state can handle having their power knocked out, I can make up for a week’s worth of posts.

Static site generation is great for operations, but it does mean publishing and uploading posts are two separate steps. A week of posts were “published” since Humble Bundle, but unfortunately the uploading never happened. Not to get all Gladwell on you, but turns out an errant pf rule had blocked the host uploading the changes.

So have a week’s worth of posts, preceding this one.

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