A rainbow Beatles shirt


Today’s Music Monday concerns a purchase I made over the weekend. I was walking through one of our local music stores, like a gentleman, when I chanced upon this fetching garment depicting our favourite Liverpudlians; Mat from Techmoan notwithstanding:

I’m wearing it now as I write this post; it’s rather comfortable and has The Beatles on it. Not that specific shirt above, that’s a press shot; and not the actual Beatles, they’re not/weren’t that flat.

I couldn’t tell you why though, but the colours feel wrong. This is what I feel like they should be:

  1. George Harrison should be yellow (here comes the sun…)
  2. Paul McCartney should be blue
  3. Ringo Starr should be red
  4. George Martin should be green

I’m not sure about John Lennon. Maybe he’s the black in the shirt.

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