A numbered list of encountered tech


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of each number? I thought of this tech over my morning coffee:

  1. One-time password
  2. Two’s compliment
  3. Triple DES
  4. Commodore Plus/4
  5. Windows 95
  6. MOS 6502
  7. 7zip
  8. 8-bit Zilog Z80
  9. Mac OS 9, the last of the classics
  10. 210!
  11. DEC PDP-11
  12. The age OrionVM turned yesterday… wow.
  13. FreeBSD 13, my favourite release in years, especially for desktop
  14. Raspberry Pi (3.14… is that a stretch?)
  15. 15-inch MacBook Pro, my first Intel Mac from back in the day
  16. Commodore 16 and 116

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