Mistyping a Vim plugin on my FreeBSD laptop


I think it’s important to share one’s mistakes. It might help someone with a specific issue. More broadly, I hope it reassures new people in the industry that we’re all human.

Spock: “I find that remark… insulting.”

Today’s mistake was extremely silly. I was configuring a fresh FreeBSD install on my laptop, like a gentleman, when I got stuck trying to define some text snippets. It just… wouldn’t work. GAH.

If you have Vim experience, see if you can spot the problem:

==> E492: Not an editor command: UtilSnipsEdit

This confounded me for at least twenty minutes. I removed my Vim dotfiles, reinstalled the plugins with vim-plug, nothing. I have wildmenu enabled so I can tab-complete commands, and even that didn’t show anything. It was as though the plugin wasn’t loading at all.

vim-plug: the minimalist Vim plugin manager
UltiSnips: the ultimate snippet solution for Vim

As you can tell from the links above, I was spelling it as UtilSnips. Once I realised, I laughed louder than what is perhaps socially acceptable in this coffee shop. The guy in the corner is still looking at me.

To this day I still think UltiSnips is a truncation of Utility Snips, not Ultimate Snips. I guess my fingers were subconsciously typing it like that today too. If only I had a UtilSnip… DAMN IT, UltiSnip snippet defined for its name.

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