Talk about being late to the party! Checking out the Wikipage page for my favourite terminal emulator, I saw this:

After aterm was merged into rxvt-unicode, it is now the preferred terminal emulator for the AfterStep window manager.

Sure enough,
on the Aterm site:

January 1, 2008 – aterm 1.0.1 merged into urxvt!

aterm development will now concentrate on urxvt, so aterm is now deprecated.

Why was I not informed!?

Aside from having a name I found rather clever and silly, aterm will always hold a special place in my memories. While looking for RAM saving alternatives to Xterm and desktop environment terminal emulator, aterm still managed to do some pretty nifty pseud-composting. With a trivial amount of effort, aterm could be made really, really pretty. I mean, level of pretty.

Eventually I moved to mrxvt for the convenience of tabs, then to urxvt when I really did need Unicode support. Almost tempted to install aterm in Homebrew just to see if my config files from yesteryear still work (^_^).