A list of games I’ve enjoyed


Marcel in Hamburg made a list of games on his new blog Life-Size Models of the Drama. As an aside, that’s a fantastic name. It inspired me to come up with a bit of a list of my own. I… didn’t realise I had so many, given I spend most of my life in a text editor for fun!

The listed platforms are where I first played them, not necessarily where they first appeared.


  • Commander Keen 1-3 [DOS]
  • Lemmings [DOS]
  • Microsoft Train Simulator [Win32]
  • Minecraft [FreeBSD]
  • Need for Speed: SE [DOS]
  • SimCity 3000 [Mac OS]
  • SimTower [Win16]
  • The Sims 2 [Mac OS]
  • The Stanley Parable [Steam]

Also Excellent

  • A-Train [DOS]
  • Age of Empires II [Win32]
  • Atelier Ryza [Steam]
  • bsdgames [FreeBSD]
  • Chessmaster [DOS]
  • Chip’s Challenge [Win16]
  • Cities Skylines [Steam]
  • Dovetail Train Simulator [Steam]
  • Dovetail Train Sim World [Steam]
  • Elasto Mania [Win32]
  • Fate/Grand Order [iOS]
  • Flight Simulator 97 [Win32]
  • Flight Simulator 2000 [Win32]
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix [DOS]
  • The Games: Winter Challenge [DOS]
  • GNOME Sudoku [FreeBSD]
  • Humongous Entertainment Franchise [Mac OS]
  • KNetWalk [FreeBSD]
  • LEGO Island [Win32]
  • Microsoft Golf 3.0 [Win32]
  • Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition [Win32]
  • Midtown Madness: San Franciso and London [Win32]
  • Monopoly Deluxe [Win16]
  • nbsdgames [FreeBSD]
  • Need for Speed II [DOS]
  • Need for Speed III [DOS]
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted [Origin]
  • Pinball Deluxe [Win32]
  • Pipe Dream [Win16]
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire [Nintendo 2DS]
  • Pokémon Blue [Gameboy Colour]
  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond [Switch]
  • PySolFC [Linux]
  • Rodent’s Revenge [Win16]
  • SimCity Classic [DOS]
  • SimCity 2000 [Win16]
  • SimCity 3000 Unlimited [Win32]
  • SimPark [Win16]
  • SkiFree [Win16]
  • The Sims [Mac OS]
  • Spider Solitaire [Win32]
  • Stunts [DOS]
  • Superliminal [Steam]
  • Triazzle [DOS]
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? [Mac OS]
  • Wii Sports [Nintendo Wii]
  • Worms II [Win32]
  • Worms World Party [Win32]
  • X-Plane 11 [Steam]

Honourable Mentions

  • Brandon’s Lunchbox (first I ever played) [DOS]
  • Emacs Tetris [FreeBSD]
  • Fuji Golf [Win16]
  • JezzBall [Win16]
  • Mavis Beacon (does that count?) [Win32]
  • Microsoft Excel 97 Flight Simulator [Win32]
  • QPascal (I wrote silly games in it) [DOS]
  • Reversi [Win16]
  • SimTown [Win16]
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander [Win32]


  • Atelier Sophie [Steam]
  • NetHack [*nix]
  • Persona [Steam]
  • Portal [Steam]
  • Stardew Valley [Steam]

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