I’ve been having recurring headaches again the last few weeks, culminating with some head-swimming migraines. So Clara and I decided to take advantage of the nice winter weather and go for a long walk down from Chatswood into the city.

The sky was a gorgeous deep blue from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and I always love watching the water taxis and ferries zip across the water from up on the deck. I rarely appreciate the view when I’m on a commuter train travelling across the bridge on the other side.

View of Sydney with the Opera House and the CBD from the Harbour Bridge

As we started to head back late in the afternoon, some of the most dramatic clouds we’ve seen in a long time started sweeping across the harbour from the east. Have I mentioned how much I love my tiny new Ricoh GR III?!

Black and white photo of the Opera House set under some scary rolling clouds.

I’m back home nursing another headache, but today was lovely.